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Reserve is an international investment policy. It is suitable for customers with a lump sum to invest for a minimum of five years, who seek capital growth or a regular income, or a combination of both.

Product Features Investor Benefits
Product choice Two options:
  • A life cover option - Whole of Life
  • A guaranteed maturity option - Capital Redemption
Asset choice Reserve is available as
  • Personalised Assets version
  • Collective Investments version
Payment choice Cash payment by telegraphic transfer or banker draft. Any existing shares or collective assets can be re-registered in the name of Friends Provident International Limited, retaining the value within your portfolio.
Charging choice Reserve has no pre-set charging structure. Instead, each investor is given a Personalised Charging Structure. This reflects the unique set of charges which the investor has selected from the options made available in the charges menu.
Management choice Reserve is available on a discretionary-managed or non-discretionary managed basis.
Currency choice Investors can pay investments in any freely convertible currency. Valuations can be given in Sterling, US Dollars, Euro, Hong Kong Dollars or Swedish Krona.
Minimum investment Whole of Life - GBP50,000 (or currency equivalent).
Capital redemption - GBP100,000 (or currency equivalent).
Withdrawals Regular withdrawals may be taken. The minimum withdrawal amount is GBP250.00 (or currency equivalent) and withdrawals incur no Surrender Penalty.
Whole of life One or more lives assured, up to a maximum of ten.
Capital redemption No lives assured - Reserve has a 99 year term plus a Guaranteed Maturity Value.

If you would like further details of Reserve, please complete an Information Request Form.

Important Information

Friends Provident International does not offer investment advice on the merits or suitability of its products. It is therefore important that you seek independent financial advice on the suitability of the products to your own circumstances. In the UK the company's products are available only on the recommendation of a professional financial adviser, and you must consult such an adviser in order to apply for any product.

Each Policy is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the law of the Isle of Man.


Please note Friends Provident International does not provide advice or sell products direct to the customer.
For further information on our products or services please contact your financial adviser.
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