Technical information for customers

Learn some more about the more technical aspects of life assurance policies.

Unit Cost Averaging

The unit price of your chosen funds will go up and down throughout your time investing in the market. Take a look at the short video below and find out more about how adopting a unit cost averaging strategy can help your investment ride the waves of market movements.


Funds for Beginners

Your policy links to a selection of funds and you need to make sure that your funds continue to meet your needs. However, knowing how to go about choosing funds which continue to meet your needs requires some planning. Take a look at the short video below and read our Beginner’s Guide brochure to help you understand a little more about funds.


Time apportionment relief

Expat investors who plan to become UK resident can benefit from an important tax relief, available to holders of offshore life assurance policies. Take a look at this short video to understand the basics.