Human development thematic funds


L98 Robeco Global Gender Equality (USD)

The fund invests in companies based in (or with their principal activities carried out in) recognised countries and that are known to demonstrate a high degree of gender diversity and equality, as well as sustainability.

A high degree of gender equality means that a company consciously recognises and encourages gender equality in the acquisition, cultivation and commitment to female talent at all levels of the company's structure, including at committee and director level.

The term sustainability is understood to mean aiming to achieve commercial success while, at the same time, taking account of environmental and social goals. Robeco Global Gender Equality aims to exceed the MSCI World ND Index. 


L97 Robeco Sustainable Healthy Living (USD)

The fund invests worldwide in companies which provide technology, products and services in the sectors of food, health and physical activities as well as physical and mental well-being.

The aim of the fund is to achieve the highest possible returns over the long term. It is suitable for long-term-oriented equity investors who are convinced of the sustainable potential of the healthy living market, and for inclusion in a globally diversified portfolio.