General Transaction Account Interest rates

Your cash account is used to allow FPIL to buy or sell assets, pay withdrawals or pay plan charges and fees on your behalf.

The below table shows the rates of interest that apply for all your cash accounts, where you hold a credit or debit balance.

Rates of interest, either negative or positive will be applied at the end of each calendar quarter.

If your cash account is overdrawn then we will charge the applicable debit interest rate shown in the table below.

These interest rates apply to Reserve, Reserve II, Reserve+, Global Portfolio, Managed Portfolio Account and International Portfolio Bond. For interest rate information on Continuum products and those issued for Towry Law, please contact customer services.

CurrencyCredit rate* (%)Debit rate* (%)
Australian dollar (AUD)04
British pound (GBP)1.835.83
Canadian dollar (CAD)04
Danish krone (DKK)04
Euro (EUR)1.435.43
Hong Kong dollar (HKD)04
Japanese yen (JPY)-0.23.8
Norwegian krone (NOK)04
Singapore dollar (SGD)04
Swedish krona (SEK)04
Swiss franc (CHF)04
US dollar (USD)0.854.85
South African rand (ZAR)04
New Zealand dollar (NZD)04

*These rates were last updated in July 2024 and are in line with the policy Terms and Conditions. Negative interest rates are highlighted in bold