General Transaction Account Interest rates

Your cash account is used to allow FPI to buy or sell assets, pay withdrawals or pay plan charges and fees on your behalf.

This cash is held in bank accounts. Interest rates around the world continue to be very low and for certain currencies negative interest rates now apply on all short-term cash deposits, such as overnight deposits and savings accounts.

The table below shows the rates of interest that will apply to any positive cash balance you hold in your cash accounts from 31 December 2021 onwards. Any negative interest will be applied to the positive cash balances you hold at the end of each calendar month. For information on the rates applicable to overdrawn cash accounts, please contact us. If you have access to our Online Servicing Centre, you can also view the interest rates that currently apply to your cash account.

These interest rates are set by the banks we hold your cash accounts with and are subject to change at any time. We therefore recommend that you monitor this page regularly to see what rates are being applied to your cash account holdings.

These interest rates apply to Reserve, Reserve II, Reserve+, Global Portfolio, Managed Portfolio Account and International Portfolio Bond. For interest rate information on Continuum products and those issued for Towry Law, please contact customer services.

Currency Current interest rate*
Australian dollar (AUD) 0%
British pound (GBP) 0.56%
Canadian dollar (CAD) 0%
Danish krone (DKK) 0%
Euro (EUR) 0.62%
Hong Kong dollar (HKD) 0%
Japanese yen (JPY) -0.2%
Norwegian krone (NOK) 0%
Singapore dollar (SGD) 0%
Swedish krona (SEK) 0%
Swiss franc (CHF) -1.1%
US dollar (USD) 0.55%
South African rand (ZAR) 3%
New Zealand dollar (NZD) 0%

*These rates were last updated on 1 December 2022. Negative interest rates are highlighted in red.